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11th July 2006

cforrester4:31pm: In my hydration pack
Main pocket:
2L water reservoir filled to the brim (about an extra 1/4-1/2 litre)
Three letters (An electricity bill, a telephone bill and a letter sent telling me to register to vote; I'm trying to get a library card)
Notebook and mechanical pencil

Open front pocket:
"PHP & MySQL For Dummies"
"XML For Dummies"
Both from the library.

Small, zippered front pocket:
A couple of quarters

7th July 2006

caitlinanne041:05pm: Hi ladies!

I have a few auctions up on ebay for shoes and accessories that I thought I would mention.

First is a Dooney & Bourke checkbook wallet

It is forest green with brown trim in the signature all weather leather. This wallet is in MINT condition and is a classic!

There is a pair of Black leather sling backs in size 12W. They are BRAND NEW. They have a pointed toe and a small bow detail on top with gold accents.

Also up is a great pair of red Italian pumpsThey are size 12W and lace-up at the ankle- very attractive!

Finally, I have a NEW pair of silver and clear sling back heels up for auction! They are great for prom, any formal event or with a cocktail dress. They are size 12, also.

Check it out! Thanks!

*X-posted, so forgive me if you see it twice!*

29th June 2006

caitlinanne0412:45pm: Hi again!

I wanted to add onto my earlier post with the following:


Also up for auction is a VINTAGE GUCCI wallet (this is a great wallet!)


And finally, I have a great pair of PINK flats with bows up for auction in size 12W!

Check it out! Thanks!


28th June 2006

caitlinanne0410:49am: Hi ladies!

I have been watching this community for a while, but just decided to post now. I have a few auctions up on ebay for clothes and accessories that I thought I would mention.

There is also an auction up for a VINTAGE GUCCI wallet (this is a great wallet!)

It is brown leather, with the signature Gucci monogram and the traditional green and red stripe along with gold accents, check it out!



22nd June 2006

darkgogo2:23am: This is going to be fun :D
I always think my bag is a total mess. Let's see:

- a packet of kleenex
- tobacco
- ATM tickets
- Pills - painkilers
- A pen
- Wallet
- mp3 player
- Cupons to enter a competition to win a car
- cell phone
- a "trésor" from Lancôme sample
- a cocoa lipstick
- sunglasses
- lost coins
- candy drops
- a ring
- a wrist watch
- bateries
- a leather choker (fashion acessory)
- Lighter
- Keys
- And a Epson ink cartridge I bought today for my printer
Current Mood: crazy

5th April 2006

lucibaby4:27pm: An ancient IPod that they don't even make parts for anymore
Two packs of cigarettes
A pair of massive Jackie-O -esque sunglasses
Geeky headphones
An empty package of gum
Someone's Library Card
A disposable camera.

Sounds like a party!

24th February 2006

lucibaby7:57pm: A fake Johnny Depp ID. (because my mother loves me)
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
My DirecTV Bill
MY ID. ( a real one)
A pair of pink tweezers.
Sketching pencil
Brown satin ribbon (Why?)
debit card (useless because I'm poor.)
Assorted random bits of paper.
Faux-gorilla fur wrist cuff.
Several empty packs of cigarettes.
And an empty box of Buddha-Bar matches.

The end.

26th October 2005

mistacat5:29am: Going to Phoenix
International Camarilla Conclave, finally...

pocket knife
pictures of adiligode
giant quilt

Messenger bag:
e-ticket number
character sheet
first aid kit
hair bands
voice recorder
Sati, by Christopher Pike
cell phone
cell phone charger

1st September 2005

cforrester1:05pm: My hydration pack:
A mostly-empty notebook
Two pens
A wallet
My camera
Extra batteries
2L of water in a water bladder
An additional 2L of water in a plastic soda bottle strapped to the outside
My keys

Heavy. :) Tire me out faster.

26th August 2005

darkly_asuka11:09am: Woot
Just packing up for my trip home from Alaska. It's too cold up here.

My Suitcase:

7 pairs of Cargo pants
3 pair of Levi Silver tabs
13 various assorted anime shirts
1 heavy winter jacket
3 pair of Nike batting gloves
20 pairs of socks
20 boxer-briefs
1 portable Sony DVD player
3 black hoodies

My Computer Bag:

1 PC Laptop
1 ibook
2 powercords
1 powersurge strip
2 512 chips of Laptop RAM
1 Copy of Everquest 2
1 Copy of Neverwinter Nights Platinum

My Travel Bag:
4 liter bottles of Fiji water
1 liter of Mountain Dew
1 bag of pumpkin seeds
1 bag of various dried fruit
1 40gig iPod
1 Bose Noise-Cancelling headphones
7 DVDs (Enter the Dragon, Romeo Must Die, Thundercats Season 1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5, Elektra, Star Wars Episode III, L'Arc~en~Ciel Live from the USA)

That's about it. Finally going home tomorrow.


Current Mood: bouncy
cforrester12:42pm: My hydration pack for my walk today:

2 litres of water
2 pens
Two spare AA batteries
Plastic container containing beef stew
A slice of bread to soak up the gravy in the beef stew
Bag of potato chips
An apple
Jennifer Government (Gonna re-read it)

Around my neck is my MP3 player, but I don't feel like posting to waywt.

15th August 2005

mistacat10:45pm: Time for GenCon!

The messenger bag is my in-character bag for Vampire: The Requiem LARP. The eye is the Gangrel symbol, and the patch says "I am a murder victim." See them both close here.

The suitcase is a horrible green floral patterned soft-sided case, and I love it.

And the minotaur is Cyril.

Messenger bag:
The Clarke Tin Whistle (book)
a Clarke D tin whistle
a tin of safety pins
memory stick case + 16mb memory stick
Camarilla Membership Handbook
cell phone
Fluxx (card game)
digital voice recorder

a-shirts, black and white
black hooded shirt
blue velvet cape with white piping
underwear (white, black, green, red, and leopard print)
socks (black, and red/black knit)
Stoner Fluxx (variant of above card game)
a small Whitman's tin full of jewelry (muffled with a handkerchief)
Sandman tshirt
pajama bottoms (white, covered in red and pink lips)
blue and black striped armwarmers (made from old socks)
strapped to suitcase: an eight pound quilt and the Vampire: The Requiem World of Darkness module

And in the morning, I will add soap and a toothbrush and a hairbrush.

Off to bed...
Current Mood: erg

23rd July 2005


New bag, wih luggage tag. That's the Gangrel clan symbol from Vampire: The Requiem.

Main compartment:
Mind's Eye Theatre draw deck, in plastic case
dental floss
Camarilla Membership Handbook
cell phone
Fluxx deck
rawhide chew

zipper pocket inside main compartment:
2 AA rechargable batteries, dead
sharpening stone
1 black ponytail holder
work keys
Mechwarriors pin (dunno why, it was on the floor of the shop at work)

22nd July 2005

seakittym3:42pm: Overstuffed bag.

My thesaurus and my dictionary. My favorite birthday presents ever.
Two copies of the first 52 pages of my manuscript.
Four red ink pens.
Two yellow highlighters.
Still decorated with a red paper flower I got for donating money.

28th June 2005

mistacat7:42am: I'm outta here. Gone for a week.

Messenger bag:
Most of that stuff that got dumped on the floor
notebook (with a list of cafes near the Columbus OH convention center, and a selection of my own writings to work on)
Animorphs #2, by KA Applegate
Sati, by Christopher Pike
CD player
3 mp3 CDs (David Bowie, Malice Mizer, Scottish folk, Newfie traditional, jazz [NOT contemporary!], baroque, Fleetwood Mac, Jovanotti, tecno, the Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Arc Gotic, adiligode, Rocky Horror, Hannibal ST, Labyrinth ST, Suzanne Vega, Nouveaux, Neil Gaiman, Tori Amos, Dolly Parton)
a bag of dried mango
a box of golden raisins
some apples
the last two squares of a bar of 70% cocoa chocolate
work keys
sunglasses case
laser-sighted NERF gun
flashy-noisy light up wrist-mounted Duel Masters thing

pleated sparkly skirt
Sandman tshirt
black hooded zippered shirt
light blue/dark blue combo shirt thinger that's weird
colourful culottes
old tattered faded black cotton BDU pants
bottle of Bronner's soap
Batman toothbrush
Earthly Powers, by Anthony Burgess
a new notebook (because the current one is almost full)
bed roll (quilt, blue-gray crib blanket)

Edit: And a TOWEL! How could I forget?! There is also a towel in my messenger bag ;)

26th June 2005

mistacat1:08pm: ...

Same as before, but a different cat.


1 first aid kit
1 Maglite
1 tin of safety pins
1 spoon of black thread
1 needle
2 wrist braces
1 cat

24th June 2005

mistacat11:16pm: It's time to start anew...
I'm going to Origins on Tuesday, so tonight I clean out my bag.

The bag is now dumped on the floor. See?

So, the floor contains:
1 messenger bag, altered
1 towel
1 Bible Bar
1 wallet (money, Pope card, library card, state ID, picture of adiligode at 12, etc)
2 refills for click eraser
1 click eraser
1 12' tape measure
1 tube of medical-grade Vaseline
1 Crayola tin of safety pins
1 sunglasses case (containing not sunglasses, but half of a couple of my dad's painkillers, in case I get headaches)
1 Bic lighter
1 silver Maglite
1 plastic spoon
1 first aid kit
1 container of band-aids
1 Jacob's Ladder bar
1 sharpening stone w/ case
1 memory card case
random change
some ammunition for my foam disc gun
Idgie's old ID tag
a tube of deodorant
The Telescopic Kileah Hitting and Masochist Smacking Stick
1 pair of scissors
keys to the warehouse at work
1 packet of Taco Bell MILD Border Sauce ("Where are you taking me?")

To be continued ;)

11th June 2005

mistacat10:42am: Going to Grampa's.
Big black backpack:
bag of apples
bottle of Hershey's syrup
jar of roasted red peppers in oil
packet of prunes
string bag
bottle of Starbucks Frappucino (for queenantlyn)
cherry tomatoes
baby carrots

Plus a jug that holds over a gallon of water, not in the bag.

Messenger bag:
notebook + mechanical pencil + mechanical eraser
cell phone
sunglasses case
first aid kit
memory stick case
The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci
stuffed squeaky elephant
dental floss
two tennis balls

8th June 2005

mistacat12:51pm: Bag! Going to Grampa's.
notebook + mechanical pencil + click eraser
Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, by Glenda Green
a painted photograph of my grandmother in a frame, wrapped in a washcloth, to take back to Grampa
a little blue pouch, with money and a tiny elephant inside
wrist braces
hematite rosary
a spoon
cell phone
sunglasses case (with not sunglasses, but half of one of my dad's painkillers, for times when I get pressure headaches)
first aid kit
memory stick case

String bag:
roast beef
some cheese

And I'm taking a giant jug of water.

I feel like listing the contents of my jewlery box, too, just for fun, but I don't have time at the moment. I think there's a tin of crayons in there. Or perhaps a crayon tin with not-crayons in it. I can't remember.

Everyone go post to [Bad username: wiysb</a] (What's in your sketchbook?) and waywt!
mistacat1:05am: This post is more to say that wiysb now exists than to list bag contents ;) But:

Messenger bag:
CD case
wrist braces
first aid kit
dental floss
The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci
the tops ripped off booster pack display boxes of Magic cards
a Saviors of Kamigawa promo poster
CD player
two rags
sunglasses case

Nothing exciting, for now. Ah, well.

3rd June 2005

mistacat7:41am: Bag!
There /was/ a Saviors of Kamigawa box with some empty booster pack wrappers in it, but now there's just the same things there always are: Lots of random things in the bottom, CD case, CD player, camera, annotated copy of Hannibal, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Gelb, wrist braces...

My second work bag, a big black backpack:
1 gallon jug of water
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles insulated soft-sided lunch box (new series)

CDs added since the last list:
The Cure/wish
The Cure/the cure
The Cure/Disintegration
a Cure mix
Tori Amos/from the choirgirl hotel
Bach/Saint Matthew Passion - Hightlights (vocal music)
Wynton Marsalis/Standard Time vol 2
Malice Mizer/merveilles
Malice Mizer/Voyage sans retour
David Bowie/Young Americans
Voices of the Cathedral - A celebration of a capella chamber music
adiligode singing Marlene on the Wall amazingly
Hannibal soundtrack
CATS 1 & 2
Fleetwood Mac/Greatest Hits
Cirque du Soleil/Best of
Hannibal audiobook on mp3 CD
a Jovanotti mix

And, an mp3 CD. The folders are:
Gabry Ponte (Italian techno)
goth (two compilations, and some random stuff: The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Peter Muprhy solo, Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo and the Bunnymen, Rosetta Stone, Faith and the Muse, Arc Gotic, Mara's Torment, Odor of Pears, and a random Japanese one)
Jovanotti (Italian hip-hop)
Malice Mizer (Beast of Blood, Bara no seidou)
misc (Hada to Hada, Hamish Imlach - Scottish folk, Noir opening and ending themes, MC Solaar - French hip-hop, Pet Shop Boys, Queen)
Peter Murphy (solo)
The Magnetic Fields

I think I'm missing bluegrass, Ella Fitzgerald and Newfie traditional...

There are new pins on the bag, too. When I get home, I need to take pictures and do a really detailed list.

2nd June 2005

seakittym9:11pm: The bag.

Decorated with a paper poppy I got for donating to the Veterans fund.

Cut for convenience.Collapse )
This was therapeutic!

11th May 2005

mistacat8:46pm: Bag that goes from home to work and back again.

48 CD case
Italian study notebook
How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, by Michael Gelb
trollandtoad.com employee handbook
knit cap
fish washcloth
plain washcloth
deck of playing cards
small Maglite
sunglasses case
dog-training target stick
beef jerky
tape measure
wrist braces
emergency change (coins)
mini first aid kit
hospital-grade white Vaseline
surgical scissors
razor blades
memory stick case
cell phone
keys for the warehouse at work

I don't have any keys for home.

Attached to the bag: PRE-CURE PROCESS patch; Taiwanese police patch; Del name patch; Horde bat logo in felt; Cure pin; I <3 zines pin; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles patch; Culture Club pin; strip of tape with "David Bowie [swastika] the cure [swastika] Malice Mizer" written on it; JADE is your worst nightfork patch; DON'T DREAM IT, BE IT... patch

Attached to the straps of the bag: a rainbow ribbon; a luggage tag with "MistaCat" and my address and phone number on it; a springy frog; another rainbow ribbon; a strip of leather found in the parking lot at a ren faire in Oregon

The bright orange thing with the black buckle is a strap I sewed on last night to keep the bag from sagging. I find I can still remove my notebook with ease when that strap is buckled, which pleases me.

Hmm... in the CD case:
a mix called 15
The Cure/Paris
Suzanne Vega - self-titled album + Nine Objects of Desire
adiligode singing
"random music MC likes"
"extra music MC likes"
"music MC realized she couldn't leave out"
Celtophile - Piping Hot (Celtic bagpipes)
limited goth mix
Tori Amos/Boys for Pele
Enigma/Le roi est mort, vive le roi
The Sisters of Mercy/Floodland
LEXX: Brigadoom soundtrack
Labyrinth soundtrack
Natalie Merchant/Tigerlily
The Shadow is Cast (Gothic Stylings disc 1)
The Shadow of Death (Gothic Stylings disc 2)
some Italian techno + The Magnetic Fields
The Essential David Bowie 1969 - 1974
The Neil Gaiman audio collection
The Cure/The Head on the Door
Classical Treasures: johann Sebastian Bach
Bach's Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould 1981
Malice Mizer/Bara no Seidou
"not so limited goth mix"
"totally random"

20th April 2005

mistacat6:02am: Off to work for the first time ever.
Black canvas messenger bag with a multitude of decorations:
Earthly Powers, by Anthony Burgess (for reading on lunch break)
1litre bottle of water
cell phone
knife sharpening stone
medical-grade Vaseline
media card wallet thing with one 16mb Memory Stick inside
digital camera
pair of blunt-end scissors
black ponytail holder
dental floss

Lunch bag, soft-sided, from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series:
three Gala apples
one banana
two washclothes
glass container of brown rice, mushrooms, butter and pink salmon
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