MistaCat (mistacat) wrote in whatsinyourbag,

Bag that goes from home to work and back again.

48 CD case
Italian study notebook
How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, by Michael Gelb
trollandtoad.com employee handbook
knit cap
fish washcloth
plain washcloth
deck of playing cards
small Maglite
sunglasses case
dog-training target stick
beef jerky
tape measure
wrist braces
emergency change (coins)
mini first aid kit
hospital-grade white Vaseline
surgical scissors
razor blades
memory stick case
cell phone
keys for the warehouse at work

I don't have any keys for home.

Attached to the bag: PRE-CURE PROCESS patch; Taiwanese police patch; Del name patch; Horde bat logo in felt; Cure pin; I <3 zines pin; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles patch; Culture Club pin; strip of tape with "David Bowie [swastika] the cure [swastika] Malice Mizer" written on it; JADE is your worst nightfork patch; DON'T DREAM IT, BE IT... patch

Attached to the straps of the bag: a rainbow ribbon; a luggage tag with "MistaCat" and my address and phone number on it; a springy frog; another rainbow ribbon; a strip of leather found in the parking lot at a ren faire in Oregon

The bright orange thing with the black buckle is a strap I sewed on last night to keep the bag from sagging. I find I can still remove my notebook with ease when that strap is buckled, which pleases me.

Hmm... in the CD case:
a mix called 15
The Cure/Paris
Suzanne Vega - self-titled album + Nine Objects of Desire
adiligode singing
"random music MC likes"
"extra music MC likes"
"music MC realized she couldn't leave out"
Celtophile - Piping Hot (Celtic bagpipes)
limited goth mix
Tori Amos/Boys for Pele
Enigma/Le roi est mort, vive le roi
The Sisters of Mercy/Floodland
LEXX: Brigadoom soundtrack
Labyrinth soundtrack
Natalie Merchant/Tigerlily
The Shadow is Cast (Gothic Stylings disc 1)
The Shadow of Death (Gothic Stylings disc 2)
some Italian techno + The Magnetic Fields
The Essential David Bowie 1969 - 1974
The Neil Gaiman audio collection
The Cure/The Head on the Door
Classical Treasures: johann Sebastian Bach
Bach's Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould 1981
Malice Mizer/Bara no Seidou
"not so limited goth mix"
"totally random"
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