MistaCat (mistacat) wrote in whatsinyourbag,

It's time to start anew...

I'm going to Origins on Tuesday, so tonight I clean out my bag.

The bag is now dumped on the floor. See?

So, the floor contains:
1 messenger bag, altered
1 towel
1 Bible Bar
1 wallet (money, Pope card, library card, state ID, picture of adiligode at 12, etc)
2 refills for click eraser
1 click eraser
1 12' tape measure
1 tube of medical-grade Vaseline
1 Crayola tin of safety pins
1 sunglasses case (containing not sunglasses, but half of a couple of my dad's painkillers, in case I get headaches)
1 Bic lighter
1 silver Maglite
1 plastic spoon
1 first aid kit
1 container of band-aids
1 Jacob's Ladder bar
1 sharpening stone w/ case
1 memory card case
random change
some ammunition for my foam disc gun
Idgie's old ID tag
a tube of deodorant
The Telescopic Kileah Hitting and Masochist Smacking Stick
1 pair of scissors
keys to the warehouse at work
1 packet of Taco Bell MILD Border Sauce ("Where are you taking me?")

To be continued ;)
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