Mallory (seakittym) wrote in whatsinyourbag,

The bag.

Decorated with a paper poppy I got for donating to the Veterans fund.

The contents.

MP3 CD player (the headphones fell behind my books)
Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura (#1 in the series/graphic novel)
The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (given to me by lisdude for my birthday)
The Giver by Lois Lowry
An Academie sketch diary
Nail file
Ten mechanical pencils and three Mars Plastic erasers
Secret Tropical body spray (I walk all over town with this bag and it's getting hot!)
Reading glasses
XOXO butterfly wallet/checkbook holder. Contains my drivers license, social security card, debit card, checkbook, one quarter, one nickle, twelve pennies, and a two-year-old gift card to Target that I've still not used.
Leopard pattern CD case containing the following (all are Ayu CDs):
Boys & Girls (single)
A (rare green mini album)
kanariya (rare single)
vogue (single)
Far away (single)
SEASONS (single)
SURREAL (single)
audience (single)
NEVER EVER (single)
M (single)
evolution (single)
Endless sorrow (single)
UNITE! (single)
Dearest (single)
Daybreak (single)
Free & Easy (single)
H (rare white mini album)
Voyage (single)
A Song For xx (full album)
LOVEppears (full album)
Duty (full album)
I am... (full album)
RAINBOW (full album)
MY STORY (full limited edition album)

I need a bigger CD case so I can carry all of my CDs around.

This was therapeutic!
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