MistaCat (mistacat) wrote in whatsinyourbag,

It's time to start anew...

I'm going to Origins on Tuesday, so tonight I clean out my bag.

The bag is now dumped on the floor. See?

So, the floor contains:
1 messenger bag, altered
1 towel
1 Bible Bar
1 wallet (money, Pope card, library card, state ID, picture of adiligode at 12, etc)
2 refills for click eraser
1 click eraser
1 12' tape measure
1 tube of medical-grade Vaseline
1 Crayola tin of safety pins
1 sunglasses case (containing not sunglasses, but half of a couple of my dad's painkillers, in case I get headaches)
1 Bic lighter
1 silver Maglite
1 plastic spoon
1 first aid kit
1 container of band-aids
1 Jacob's Ladder bar
1 sharpening stone w/ case
1 memory card case
random change
some ammunition for my foam disc gun
Idgie's old ID tag
a tube of deodorant
The Telescopic Kileah Hitting and Masochist Smacking Stick
1 pair of scissors
keys to the warehouse at work
1 packet of Taco Bell MILD Border Sauce ("Where are you taking me?")

To be continued ;)
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Bible Bar? Jacob's Ladder Bar?

Yeah, Bible food. This is the Bible Belt. There's a mile stretch of road with seven churches on it, here--and that's not even a dent in the churches built around here...

Bible Bars are tasty. Jacob's Ladder bars are mostly nuts and honey, they're good, too. But not as good.
Well, I live in the Bible Belt, too, and I'm surprised no one's ever come to my door wanting to sell something like that to me. I'd buy them because they sound good!
They're quite good :) Here, they're only sold in the local health food store.

And by "health food" they mean "packaged vitamins".

Personally, for "health food" I'll stick with the produce stands...